How do you clean and care for flatware?

Just like any functional object, flatware can show wear and tear over time: scratching, staining, you name it. If your flatware is aging gracefully—or you’ve learned a few tough lessons along the way—we’d love to hear your best tips for proper cleaning and care.

Emily Kochman


702551 March 15, 2021
Everyone has twenty hours per day. A long time ago I decided that fussing with flatware was not a priority with my limited amount of discretionary time.

So I bought a simple stainless steel flatware set (from Pottery Barn about twenty years ago) and just toss everything into my ghetto entry-level dishwashing machine.

Works great.

I have enough fussy things in my house to deal with. Flatware most definitely is one not of them.
702551 March 18, 2021
LOL, twenty-FOUR hours per day although some days it does feel like just twenty...

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