Uses for tough flank steak leftovers

Barbecued a marinated flank steak and it is very tough- what to do with leftovers?



Lori T. March 22, 2021
If you have a pressure cooker, try cooking your tough leftovers in a cup or so of broth at pressure for about half and hour. It should shred apart after that, and you can enjoy it in lots of ways. Tacos, burritos, in a rice bowl, just to name a few. Flank steak is usually best suited to slow and low moist cooking methods, for future reference. If you do it on a bbq, you really need to stick to a very rare, quick sear on both sides kind of method, and slice very thin on the bias.
Nancy March 21, 2021
Cut it up finely and use in some sauced preparation - sloppy joes, chile con carne - or add to another dish (soup, omelet, or the like).
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