Looking for a composting container with a modern design/aesthetic to compliment a kitchen garden. Suggestions?

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wtbryce September 30, 2010
Possibly too much for certain spatial + aesthetic + economic circumstances but I have this one for my Brooklyn backyard and love it. http://www.urbangardencenter.com/Composters/Urban-Compost-Tumbler-95.aspx
mtrelaun September 29, 2010
Not sure this suits your aesthetic, but we featured this compost pail in the food52 Shop a while back. It's small enough to be unobtrusive and has a carbon filter system to eliminate odors: http://bit.ly/9aSCWu
drbabs September 29, 2010
Here's a link to a composter that I just received today--I will set it up tonight. I plan to keep it in my garage. It uses a minimal amount of electricity to get the composting going and as a result, you can compost just about anything (with some exceptions). I'll post more when I start using it.
Savorykitchen September 29, 2010
Gardeners also has a brushed stainless bucket-style compost bin. Shiny and modern.
aargersi September 29, 2010
are you talking about for inside? I have one of these and I love it because it's ceramic and easy to wash every time:

that catalogue has loads of choices for outdoor ones too ...
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