Teaching this is one hour classes

Does anyone know how I would be able to teach this to my High School Culinary students. We have class five days per week, for about an hour and fifteen minutes each day? I am not sure at what points there are some flexibility to refrigerate. Thanks for any help.

Melanie Prosser
Table Loaf
Recipe question for: Table Loaf


Gammy April 10, 2021
Hi Melanie, I read through this awesome recipe and unfortunately feel there are too many "stop and let rest" segments for too long a period of time for your kids to tackle in a 1.25 hour class. This is not a basic bread recipe. You might try making it yourself to note where there are natural breaks where you could start/end the day's class, and you may need to prep duplicate dough quite a bit in advance. Have you checked this website and possibly the King Arthur Flour website to see if there are any recipes that might be easier for your students to work in hour+ segments? How about a quick bread that could be made within that hour?
Nancy April 8, 2021
Two ideas for you.
1) Do like the tv cooking shows - prepare more than one batch of your recipe, at various stages, and present them to your students for working and finishing.
2) Split the lesson over two or more sessions of the week, to allow for intermediate refrigerator rise.
Melanie P. April 8, 2021
"in" a one hour class:( sorry for typo.
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