Best flour to use for this recipe

Can bread flour be used instead of AP?

  • Posted by: MissC
  • July 13, 2021
Pastel De Nata
Recipe question for: Pastel De Nata


Lori T. July 14, 2021
I wouldn't recommend doing that. Bread flour is much higher in protein than AP, which translates to more gluten. By the time you rolled the dough through the pasta machine, you'd end up with a fine noodle, but not such a good tart shell. Likely it would end up tough, chewy and unpleasant.
drbabs July 14, 2021
The recipe says to use all purpose flour, and that’s probably what I would do.
Nancy July 14, 2021
Agree. Probably best to make it once as written and see the texture you get, results from baking times and so on.
If second time and beyond, you want to modify, then suggest you use all-purpose and up to half volume of another flour (like bread flour).
That last is largely because the flours have different protein content (about 8-11% for AP, 12-14% for bread) and that gives differnt results in texture, need for moisture, etc.
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