I don't eat dairy. Is it possible to substitute olive (or some other) oil, or margarine, in place of the 1/4 cup of butter?

Marc Lieber
Buttery Balsamic Chicken
Recipe question for: Buttery Balsamic Chicken


drbabs July 21, 2021
If you want to keep the buttery flavor but eliminate the dairy component, you could make your own clarified butter. Here are simple instructions for how to do that: https://food52.com/blog/5871-how-to-make-clarified-butter-and-ghee
Nancy July 21, 2021
drbabs - Just FYI, dairy is highly reduced in ghee but not eliminated.
aargersi July 20, 2021
Absolutely, though it can’t be called “buttery” - I do think when you reduce the sauce at the end you’ll use less if it’s olive oil (which I would recommend over margarine) in fact if you go to a bit fancier store you can likely find an olive oil with buttery overtones. Just go slowly with the sauce and taste as you go!
Nancy July 20, 2021
Also keep in mind butter averages about 80% fat (compared to oil which is 100%). So use about 3 tbsp oil for every 1/4 cup or 4 tbsp butter in a recipe.
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