Okay to use unsalted saltine crackers?

I only have unsalted saltine crackers. Would these work for the crust or should some salt be added to the crust?

Bill Smith's Atlantic Beach Pie
Recipe question for: Bill Smith's Atlantic Beach Pie


drbabs August 2, 2021
This is such a great recipe. If you’re making it for someone who eats very low sodium for health reasons, I think it’s fine to use the unsalted crackers. They might even find it too salty with regular saltines if they are adapted to not eating salt. Those who find it too sweet or feel there’s something missing can always sprinkle a little finishing salt on top of their portion.
CoffeeAndBaconYum August 2, 2021
Thanks! That's a good idea. I was considering substituting a graham cracker crust, but now I'll try the unsalted saltines. Thanks!
Lutonya August 8, 2021
I used unsalted and it was perfect.
CoffeeAndBaconYum August 9, 2021
Thanks for letting me know!
Emily P. August 1, 2021
The balance between sweet and salty is what sets this pie apart- so if it were me I'd add some salt but depends on your taste. If you're using salted butter it would add salt as well.
CoffeeAndBaconYum August 1, 2021
Thanks for your reply, Emily! I realized that we use unsalted butter as well to keep sodium intake down. Perhaps will consider adding salt for this recipe.

Has anyone else made this using unsalted saltines and unsalted butter? If so, how was it?
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