Butter content adjustment needed?

I live in Switzerland where the butter is super strong and intense (such that I no longer butter my toast bc it’s just too much). Should I adjust the proportions on the recipe to account for this highly creamy and extra fatty butter?

  • Posted by: CK
  • September 19, 2021
One-Bowl Blueberry Buckle
Recipe question for: One-Bowl Blueberry Buckle


drbabs September 20, 2021
I get your sensitivity to butter. I also saw your comment on the recipe. I think you could cut the butter back by a tablespoon or so, but based on your recipe comment, I'm wondering if you used self rising flour? If not, whisk 1 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon of salt into your cup of flour. That should help with the sinking in the middle problem.
Nancy September 19, 2021
CK - from a web search I find that Switzerland and most European-sold butter has a minimum of 82% fat compared to United States 80%.
In baking that is not a lot of difference.
You could use the same amount of butter as in the recipe here (per Land o Lakes, see link), or reduce by about 2 tsp per cup...your choice depending on taste, tolerance for butter fat and so on.
Nancy September 19, 2021
PS I meant to also write - if you know the percentage of your butter and it's much higher than the European minimum 82%, yes, I would reduce it a little bit.
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