Can you use canned beets for this recipe?

I have some cans I've been needing to use, and I was wondering I could use them on this!

French "Peasant" Beets
Recipe question for: French "Peasant" Beets


AntoniaJames October 19, 2021
Or how about this chocolate beet cake - well tested, well loved, and best of all, reliable: ? ;o)
Nancy October 18, 2021
The canned beets will taste fine, but probably just be a little softer than those cooked from raw.
Another use for beets is pancakes. Union Square restaurant has a great recipe for them, topped with feta. Serve with a cold lager or white wine.
So similar taste combination to this dish you want to make.
Nancy October 18, 2021
Union Square Cafe. Recipe still available online.
AntoniaJames October 18, 2021
You certainly can, but it won’t be quite as tasty. The recipe includes a nice dressing, so that will help. ;o)
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