Preparing Mac and cheese 2 days before cooking

Doing prep work on Tuesday for Thanksgiving dinner. Should I cook before I refrigerate?

  • Posted by: Gail
  • November 22, 2021


AntoniaJames November 23, 2021
Gail, will you be baking this? Seeing your recipe would help, too, to provide the most helpful response. Many thanks. ;o)
Mariana R. November 22, 2021
Hi there!

We recommend you cook the mac and cheese before refrigerating, but follow some important steps to ensure the mac and cheese doesn't get mushy:

1) Slightly undercook your pasta (al dente is best) and rinse it off with cold water to halt the cooking (and remove excess starch).
2) Let the sauce cool off before you mix it in with the pasta to prevent the sauce from cooking the pasta further.
3) It also helps to make your topping ahead of time and refrigerate it as well. You can then sprinkle it on when you are ready to reheat it on Thanksgiving day.

Hope this helps!
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