My electric kettle won't turn on!

Some time ago I ordered an electric kettle from you. I believe the trademark is FELLOW . It looked undamaged when I unpacked it; no obvious dents, etc BUT the starter button is totally unreliable! One day it will work but most of the time it doesn't!
I don't have the order number. I basically like it but I need a replacement that works. Is this a common problem ? can you replace this item? Should I return the original to you? Please respond! Thanks!

Judith Ellis


Emily K. January 11, 2022
Hi Judith! So sorry to hear that—we'd be happy to help you, and were able to pull up your order so no worries there. Could you send a quick note to [email protected] saying just this? We'll make sure to sort this out for you.
CatGirl101 January 11, 2022
Can help u there 🙂
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