Roasted fish & veggies- how to make presentation in the dish

I recently purchased a beautiful fish baker dish. Any ideas on how to make a lovely presentation with a whole fish & veggies within the pan for a dinner party?

  • Posted by: LGR27
  • April 5, 2022


Nancy April 6, 2022
LGR27 -
Here are a couple ideas.
Use 3 vegetables or 3 colors (fush plus vegetables) in your presentation. Or 5.
Why? Odd numbers are more visually interesting than even ones.
Look at apps like pinterest or Instagram for fish plating ideas. Even if they are only for one serving, you can adapt them for a multiperson presentation.
Nancy April 6, 2022
Should read "fish plus vegetables"
LGR27 April 6, 2022
Thank you! Pinterest has proved quite helpful. I guess a prong of my question that I didn’t make clear was if I should roast the veggies and then add in the fish all in the same dish but I think yes!
Nancy April 6, 2022
Agree with drbabs - roast fish & veg separately, then figure out how to present together.
LGR27 April 6, 2022
Thanks so much!
drbabs April 5, 2022
Can you post a photo of it?
LGR27 April 5, 2022
Also it’s 16”!
drbabs April 6, 2022
Very pretty! I’d roast the vegetables separately on a sheet pan. They will take longer to cook than the fish, and you’ll likely need more vegetables than what will fit in your dish. If you crowd everything in the dish, it will steam, and you’ll miss the caramelization benefits of roaring.
LGR27 April 6, 2022
Thank you so much!! This is exactly what I needed to know. I didn’t word my question very well. Excellent!
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