Getting a Better Rise with a Gluten Free Pound Cake

Hi! I just made the recipe as written with a couple of variations (five spice added to batter before adding to pan, added some swirls of apple butter as I would a jam), but the main difference is that I used Bob’s Redmill all-purpose gluten free flour. The rise was not as high as the pictures shown, particularly at the middle of the cake. Any suggestions for how to get a better rise while keeping the recipe gluten free? Is there an additional rising agent I should mix in, in addition to the baking powder? Thank you!

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Go-To Vanilla Pound Cake
Recipe question for: Go-To Vanilla Pound Cake

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drbabs October 22, 2022
I substitute gluten free flour (I like Cup4Cup) for AP flour often. A couple of suggestions: You could try beating the egg whites separately and folding them into the batter at the end. Also, try whipping the ingredients with your whisk attachment rather than the paddle to incorporate more air. Because you’re not worried about developing gluten, you could include the flour in that, and then gently fold the stiffened egg whites at the end. I would also consider just using three eggs (and not the egg yolk), as there’s a lot of fat in the recipe from the butter and sour cream, and that could be weighing it down. You also might need an extra 10 minutes or so on the bake if it’s sinking in the middle. Good luck!
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