What is an “Immersion” Blender?

I feel a little stupid for asking this, but I’m a just-exploring-Indian-cooking-newbie. Maybe it’s something I already know of and isn’t limited to Indian cooking, but what is an immersion blender?

Jamie Jinks
Curried Cauliflower Soup
Recipe question for: Curried Cauliflower Soup


Nancy October 23, 2022
It’s a stick blender that allows you to purée foods in their cooking or serving containers (for example, soup, mayonnaise, smoothie) rather than transferring to a blender and then back to original container.
They come simply with one blender. And/or fancier versions with a whisk or chopping jar attachments.
Have a look in kitchen equipment stores or online.
Also look for reviews of best models available this year.
Jamie J. October 23, 2022
Thanks so much, Nancy, and for the buying info. (And for not making me feel stupid.) I’ve seen these, but don’t remember them being called immersion blenders. I probably wasn’t paying that much attention to the name. I just thought they were really cool. 🙂 Thanks again!
MMH October 23, 2022
Jamie - we have one & it’s one of those things where once we had it, we used it more than we ever dreamed especially for things like this. Enjoy!
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