My order for Butter Warmer and Concrete Fireplace is still pending after two weeks, when will it ship?

I ordered a tabletop concrete fireplace and a Dansk butter warmer for my wife for christmas because these products came recommended and looked high quality. The money was taken out of my account but after almost 2 weeks the products still list as "pending". I was sure that I had ordered these things in time but now I am nervous I won't have gifts for her for Christmas and I have already spent my budgeted $. Please help me with this.



sarahxvitale December 15, 2022
The same thing has happened with me...I really hope I receive my items in time for Christmas and hopefully get a response back...
esantos12 December 12, 2022
I have already emailed multiple different departments and reached out through the proper channel of inquiry 2x with no response at all. Normally I would just call someone, but there is no number. This is my last resort here.
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