Abysmal Customer Service - Order Change

Hello - I want to give others a head's up that Food52 has some of the worst customer service I've ever seen. I am tired of waiting 4 days for a response from your team with no way to connect via chat, phone, of social. I placed an order for a set of steak knives last week, and immediately after purchasing realized I bought the wrong color. I tried to change this through the order page, but couldn't. I reached out to support, and by the time they responded they said there was no way to change the order. In the meantime I tried to contact them through Instagram and FB, where they (still!) haven't responded. Now they're trying to charge a restocking fee on my return since they were unable to respond in a timely fashion. I understand the logistics of their products can be difficult, but having customers wait days for any response and then not providing any way to contact the company is extremely unprofessional, especially for such a large company. Buyer beware.



Kevin C. September 25, 2023
I had a similar experience. Customer support is slow and broadly seem unable to help with any thing. I realized I sent an order to the wrong address seconds after placing an order. Customer support repeatedly could not do anything to help me and couldn't cancel shipment of an item that only shipped four weeks after I sent the initial email saying I had the wrong address, and keeps telling me that UPS MyChoice will let me change the address, while UPS keeps telling me that Food52 is the one that can make the change. Absolutely awful.
Customer-Care-Michelle September 25, 2023
Hi there, so sorry to hear your address was entered in error at check out. Unfortunately, once an order has been processed, we are no longer able to change the address for you. Occasionally this is the case even when the ship date is days away, since catching and pulling an order requires time and labor, and is dependent upon factors like the warehouse or studio staff's capacity. We're so sorry in advance for the inconvenience.

If you are unable to receive the order at the address provided at checkout, we suggest routing the package to a UPS Access Point. You can read more about how to initiate that process in our FAQ.
It appears you didn't receive the recent message from our Customer Success Team, so sorry about that! We understand how frustrating this could be. Happy to see that our team has been in touch to resolve this quickly for you.
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