Which honey is sweeter, wildflower or clover?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


ChefJune May 18, 2011
All honey is very sweet. The difference between wildflower and clover honey is flavor. The clover honey will be milder. Acacia honey is milder yet. Buckwheat honey (delicious) is quite strong, almost like molasses.
aargersi May 18, 2011
Oh honey - dear to my heart - if you are sampling - also try some acacia, and see if you can find a nice dark honey too - have a flight of honey! They flavors vary wildly.
francesca G. May 18, 2011
The major difference between clover and wildflower honey I find not to be sweetness, but flavor. Wildflower has distinctly (surprise!) floral undertones whereas clover reminds me more of classic honey bear honey.
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