Is sugar cane healthy?

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Health E. September 21, 2017
sugar cane is healthy. the effects you have from them is just false stuff made by the brain. sugar cane actually helps and I have researched.
fo May 23, 2011
While our teeth cannot cut through the fiber, it's the sugar cane juice that contains that cancer causing vitamins and minerals. The juice is still an unrefined, whole food. It is the juice you are after here, not the fibrous part. Lots and lots of vitamins, minerals, potassium...and it tastes great!
Panfusine May 23, 2011
Sugar cane is pretty much Impossible to eat as is, Human Teeth are just NOT built for it.. (Its a delightful treat to do so though, chewing & spitting out the fibrous part after extracting every bit of the delicious juice). Sugar cane juice is very popular drink in Western India (parts of which grow sugarcane as a major cash crop), Fresh stalks cut and crushed with whole limes & pieces of ginger.
LucyS May 23, 2011
Ah, good points about the potassium and other nutrients! I think my point was that while I would eat a banana or an apple a day, and probably be healthier for it, I wouldn't do the same with sugarcane.
fo May 23, 2011
Not true, Lucy S. Sugar cane is a whole food - a grass actually - and any whole food that is consumed as nature intended is much healthier for you than what we process with it. Therefore, sugarcane, because it has fiber and nutrients (yes! sugarcane is full of nutrients, and is LOW on the glycemic index when consumed whole!) is a healthy additive to your diet. It has been known to fight viruses like cold and flu as well as having cancer fighting compounds. It is also extremely hydrating, and can balance electrolytes when taken after sports since it has a fair amount of potassium. It is also a mild laxative, and can help clear your body of kidney stones and keep the urinary flow clear. Since sugarcane contains no simple sugars either, it's only when we process it that it becomes unhealthy, and contains ample carbohydrates when consumed whole. Just like you would not eat a dozen bananas or oranges in one sitting, one would be wise not to consume an entire shoot of sugar cane for obvious reasons. But no: it is NOT refined, white sugar. Refining sugar removes all of the nutrients in sugar cane, and it is processed through bone meal and bleached. It is a product devoid of all nutrients because processing removes them. In fact, molasses is the byproduct of sugar processing, which is why it's actually good for you and contains a fair amount of vitamins and minerals. It is all the 'good stuff' that we take out of sugar can in concentrated form. Feel free to eat sugar cane in its raw form as a treat. Don't overdo it, but then, try not to eat a dozen bananas either, and you should be able to happily and safely consume sugar cane for a delightful and occasional treat!
Panfusine May 22, 2011
depends on what you want to use it for, it is exactly as healthy as the white crystals we add to coffee.. With the added advantage of the presence of fiber from the cellulose.
Fresh crushed sugarcane Juice is fabulous for lemonades mixed drinks and cocktails.
LucyS May 22, 2011
No. Sugar cane is basically sugar + fiber. It's sugar in raw form - maybe better than bleached, refined, processed sugar... but it's still sugar. Treat it like you would any other sugar!
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