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I'm looking to use a healthy alternative to sugars used in making whipped cream.



KLS February 25, 2022
I taught myself to like it unsweetened, and can't go back!
Lori T. February 25, 2022
You can always use a little vanilla extract to help you reduce the amount of sweetening. Personally I don't like the after-taste of most sugar substitutes, but I have found a blend of raw sugar and stevia from Whole Earth that works quite well. It won't be replacing all the sugar, obviously, but if you use it along with a bit of the vanilla, it should let you cut down quite a bit on the final total.
AntoniaJames February 25, 2022
Maple syrup - but only the best quality syrup - offers a nice alternative to sugar in whipped cream. Use a chilled bowl and beaters. Start by whipping the cream to soft peaks. Then add maple syrup to taste - I'd start with 2 tablespoons per cup of heaving cream, adding perhaps another tablespoon or two if you think it needs more. I like less sweetener in whipped cream, to allow its almost savory quality to work its magic with whatever sweet things it's served with. ;o)
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