Incredible vegetarian menu from Sutra

I wanted to share with everyone the menu for the meal I had last Friday at Sutra, a restaurant in Seattle:

We went there in honor of a friend's birthday. It was incredible--definitely one of the most interesting and delicious meals I've ever had. I've now decided I'm going to figure out how to smoke lentils on our barbecue. Asparagus soup Trial 1 will happen tonight.



pauljoseph May 24, 2011
Meaning of SUTRA
Meaning of SUTRA Above age 18
My Friend K.F Seetoh from Singapore
beyondcelery May 23, 2011
Yes. It's all locally grown organic or foraged. They also made sure it was all gluten-free and accommodated some other allergies in our group, with a little notice ahead of time.
Kristen M. May 23, 2011
$35 for four courses! Am I reading that right?
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