: How does one make lentils more interesting, aside from just adding spices?

  • Posted by: @arl08
  • January 3, 2011


Nora January 4, 2011
@mrslarkin, really? I'd never have thunk of that, but I'd love to sample.
mrslarkin January 3, 2011
I went lentil-psycho today and added 1 cup of cooked-and-lightly-mashed organic red lentils to my chocolate chip cookie dough. Mixed them in after the sugar. The cookies were really good, and remotely healthy!! I might even add more lentils next time.
pauljoseph January 3, 2011
try parippu payasam dessert made with lentil, coconut, jaggery http://picasaweb.google.com/paulvj000/ParippuPayasam#
EarlyToBed January 3, 2011
vinegar loves lentils
pierino January 3, 2011
Throw giant slices of cooked sausage on top. Won't please the vegans but who cares? Sausage and lentil are a great combination, especially with melty pork fat running into the little critters. Or maybe even grilled short ribs sitting on top of them. Sorry, I'm getting dizzy now..
bella S. January 3, 2011
I use the small green lentils with lots of chopped veggies that I sauteed, to make a warm lentil salad. I dress the lentils with a mustard, lemon vinaigrette, when the lentils are still a little warm.That gives the lentils a lot of flavor. I like adding slices of sausage that I have browned. Chicken would be good in there instead of the sausage.
I have also made soup using half lentils and half split peas. It's an interesting variation on plain split pea soup, or plain lentil soup. I use the brown lentils for soup.
aargersi January 3, 2011
search lentils on Food52 - we just had lentil week - loads of good stuff out there!
ichibanbrianne January 3, 2011
Experiment with different types of lentils and serving them at different temperatures, i.e. cold French (Puy) lentils are great for a salad. My sister made a great one last week with roasted butternut squash, chevre, and mint.
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