Looking for a 'sharing' dessert to take to a kindergartner's picnic lunch. Preferably nut free....



starting I. June 1, 2011
I always love chocolate dipped pretzels. Or to get really fancy you can spread out a single layer of mini pretzels atop wax paper and drizzle melted white and dark chocolate over top. Always a hit, and nut free!
mrslarkin June 1, 2011
When my kids were in preK and K, I always brought sliced watermelon to the picnics. They love it!
Kitchen B. June 1, 2011
Thank you for all the links. Lots of food for thought :-). Thankfully I have a couple of days to think and prepare!
GiGi26 June 1, 2011
Healthy or not these "Dirt Cups" are aways fun and the children love them!
brandon June 1, 2011
RespectThePastry June 1, 2011
M and M Cookies...Easy to make and kids love the pop of color in these cookies!

hardlikearmour June 1, 2011
How healthy does it have to be? Kids love rice cereal treats & they're quick, easy, and cheap to make.
lorigoldsby June 1, 2011
There was a food pickle question a week or so ago with a similar question posted

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