@foodpickle http://t.co/skiCTiH I'd love to try this but am balking at the 8C heavy cream. Any ideas on how to lighten it w/o losing taste?



ChefJune June 23, 2011
I think I'd start by subbing light cream for the heavy. Using stock would probably taste great, but it would definitely alter the flavor profile the creator of the recipe intended.
wssmom June 22, 2011
Eight cups heavy cream? Wow. I'd sub in either milk thickened with a little cornstarch or flour; some cottage cheese or ricotta (being careful when heating so it doesn't curdle), or the old standby, evaporated skim milk.
Peter June 22, 2011
For what it's worth, it does say the recipe serves 12, so it's only 2/3rds of a cup of cream per person.
boulangere June 22, 2011
Perhaps half stock, half cream?
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