, my currant-pear sauce fell apart, starting over--any tips on a chutney w/bright color but subtle, not too fruity flavors?

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AntoniaJames July 11, 2011
Pears and currants both break down quickly. Cook all of the other ingredients (onions, garlic, spices, hot peppers, vinegar, sugar, seasonings, etc.) together and simmer them alone, or perhaps with just a bit of the fruit, until those ingredients are thick. Then, add the fruit at the very end and cook it only very briefly. Also, choose a hard pear like Seckel, Bosc or Anjou, if you're not using one of those now, and use only-just-barely-ripe pears. You may get a bit more fruit flavor that way, but the texture will be good. You can also add less fruit, if you want it less fruit-y. Good luck!! ;o)
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