Sorbet Technique

Does the trick of floating a whole, uncooked egg in the sorbet mixture (before freezing) really work? I've heard that this is the best way to determine the proper sugar content of your mix.

Tony S
  • Posted by: Tony S
  • July 11, 2011


Shuna L. July 14, 2011
Your mouth is the best way to determine if something is too sweet or just right. every fruit is different and its sorbet will be totally different. all vegetable soups do not require the same amount of salt... I have never, not once, needed anything extra in my sorbets like stabilizer or alcohol or extra pectin. most home ice cream makers have a hard time freezing/churning solid-- it's best to keep home sorbet and ice cream mixtures less sweet than one would expect.
nishis July 12, 2011
The egg trick works by providing a way to measure brix or sugar concentration of your sorbet solution (to ensure it doesn't get too hard when it freezes).
If you're worried about it being to sweet as I usually am, alcohol and pectin both inhibit crystalization and allow use of a little less sugar.
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