A question about a recipe: Toasted Coconut Gelato

I am dying to try this recipe! The only problem is that I do not have an ice cream maker. Is it really necessary to have one, or will I be able to do without it?

Thank you!

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Toasted Coconut Gelato
Recipe question for: Toasted Coconut Gelato

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BurgeoningBaker February 28, 2012
I have found that using the no ice cream machine vanilla from Serious Eats NY you can get a great consistency and not have to shell out for a new machine. It takes a little longer because you have to freeze the custard in ice cube tray, but then you use a food processor to add air back into the mix. Try it that way first and then if you feel you need to shell out do so, but either way you'll have a tasty creation.
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