Wolf vs Blue Star

Our long awaited kitchen remodel had finally begun. I've always planned on purchasing a 48" Wolf, all gas, 4 burner, grill and griddle range. But after much online research, I'm now seriously considering the equivalent Blue Star. I'm very intrigued by the 22K BTU and simmer burners and the size of the oven(s). I've looked at both in the store, but have never cooked on either. I know I'd probably be happy with the Wolf. But would I be happier with the Blue Star? I've read the discussion boards on gardenweb (i think??) and I felt like some of the comments could have been planted by those with a financial interest (appliance salesmen :). If you have/had or have cooked extensively on either of these ranges, please share your thoughts & comments. Thanks!

  • Posted by: lmiller
  • July 16, 2011


Sadassa_Ulna July 17, 2011
This past foodpickle discussion might help:
Greenstuff July 16, 2011
I know two people who have gone through this choice recently. Both got the 48" Wolf with six burners and the griddle. Both are thrilled and would make the same choice again. Would they have been happy with the Blue Star? Probably? Happier than they are? They seem gosh-darn happy as it is.
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