Looking for a exceptional gas stove and oven. Who makes a serious range, one built to play?

Looking for a new range. I once did a demo in a Williams Sonoma, and the store oven, a wolf, was outrageous. It was fabulous. So it became my dream oven. Wolf changed hands and years later I got one and.... not outrageous. Looking for an oven that seals like a submarine and well built gas burners that mean business. I have cooked on an honest to goodness professional stove and the power is just....so much fun. Who is serious about building exceptional home oven. All the top tens online seem to have commercial sponsors. I need a good independent opinion.

  • Posted by: Barbie
  • September 2, 2020


SillyBee September 11, 2020
We have two Viking ovens and a 6 burner gas range. They have performed amazingly over many many years. They've taken a beating and have never broken. I have had the oven serviced once because the broiler lighter finally gave out. I would NOT get their refrigerator though. That thing was a headache and a half and I finally got rid of it and got a Sub Zero. I later learned that they were made by different manufacturers.

Tip from my oven repairman: He said never use the built in self clean feature on the oven. He said ovens today aren't built to handle the crazy high heat and they get damaged. It's his number one repair reason.
MMH September 3, 2020
Check consumer reports
Nancy September 3, 2020
Have you already explored/consulted chef's blogs and/or restaurant supply stores for their opinions?
If not, possible sources of unsponsored & experienced opinions.
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