is it a good idea to keep my high quality extra virgin olive oil in my red wine fridge at 56f?



seabirdskitchen July 26, 2011
Generally I, like boulangere, have a fair few varieties. This summer, however, we were in Avignon, and went to an olive oil co-op where we bought 3 litres of a nice picholine oil. Now it's home in the Texas heat, and I want to keep most of it safe and eke it out. So cool and dark - the best place I can find is, I think, the wine cooler. Obviously it will need to warm up before use, but that will happen during the transfer from storage to use.
boulangere July 26, 2011
I wouldn't think so either. I usually have a few varieties on hand and keep them on the kitchen counter. The important thing is to keep them away from any kind of direct sunlight. If you are concerned about hot summer temps, do as chefjune suggests and stick them in a nice dark cupboard, and one that is low rather than high at that.
davidpdx July 25, 2011
t won't harm the oil and has the benefit of slowing down oxidation, but that is really only important if you keep it around for months on end. If the choice is between cold storage and a warm summer kitchen cabinet, though, go with the cold; the oil may crystallize, but will reliquify easily if you take it out of the cooler a half hour before use.
ChefJune July 25, 2011
I don't think so. I keep mine in a cool dark place, but if you want it to be ready for immediate use, the oil will not exactly solidify, but become inert and too thick for use. Actually, I buy my top evoos in fairly small quantities, and use them up pretty quickly.
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