Can I use red wine that has turned as a braising liquid? If not, how else may I use it?

I have a bottle (or 2) of red wine that went bad over the summer in the high heat (my bad). Can I use them in other applications, such as braising or just to deglaze, so I don't have to pour them down the drain? What results might I expect if I use it while cooking?

Celeste Scollan


sydney January 24, 2017
If they were of acceptable quality in the bottle and suffered heat fault, then I would use to deglaze or to throw in a stew. I don't like to waste.

If they were badly faulted in the bottle (wine can suffer a few different faults in the winery and in the bottle) with or without the storage issue, and if I could taste and smell the fault, then I would return to the seller or just discard.

I do cook with wine that I don't drink, but only for deglazing or dishes where the flavour largely disappears except for maybe a small added dimension. When wine is making a star appearance, like for a sauce where wine flavour is key, then that wine must be good in the glass, and while I'm cooking! :-)
ChefJune January 23, 2017
If you wouldn't drink it, you really don't want to cook with it. Just chalk it up to experience, and find a good place to store your wines in the summer so they won't cook.
Smaug January 23, 2017
You could take up vinegar making.

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aargersi January 23, 2017
I wouldn't!! If they taste bad in the bottle, they will taste bad in your food. Down the drain they go!
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