Hello all! What on earth is happening here? http://t.co/csNETYD - also, can anyone identify this squash? http://t.co/DeJE5p7



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The squash varietal could be turban or buttercup. i hope it is buttercup, that is one of my favorite varieties. very sweet and tender similar to a kombucha squash but a tad sweeter.

as for the aphids and mealy bugs. you are quite infested and a few ladybugs aren'y going to save the crop. you may need to spray with a light horticultural oil. i buy an organic fish oil and sesame oil blend and mix it in a spray bottle 20:1 water to oil ratio. spray it all over the plants and under the leaves in the morning before it gets hot. the oil which isn't toxic merely suffocates the soft bodied insects by covering thier sphericals along their abdomen. with a bad infestation you may need to treat 2 times in a one week span then once you get things under control, once every 2 to 3 weeks should keep you ahead of the game.
Amanda H. July 28, 2011
It looks like a turban squash:
Erin M. July 28, 2011
It looks like aphids are on your squash plant - not good, but the good thing is there are also lady bugs! The lady bug is most likely eating the aphids, their choice of food. I recently released lady bugs into my garden and they devoured all the aphids.
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