Is chai masala spice the same as Garam masala?

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mathuralok October 15, 2022
For creating a distinctive flavour for any recipie ; also popular over time, very specific spice mixes ranging from simple mixes containing two to five spices for certain food recipes to more layered, complex flavour profiles which use ten or twenty odd constituents, do exist.

However it all boils down to how sophisticated your taste in food are. Masala tea varies from single flavour spice variants like ginger, green cardamom, black pepper, lemon etc. to combinations using two or more.
To make things more complex, some spices are more for medicinal benefits, not just flavor, like honey.
susan G. July 30, 2011
Until the Indians weigh in this may help. What they have in common is masala, which means 'spice.' Chai means 'tea' and garam means 'hot, heating.' But they're all delicious.
Kristen M. July 30, 2011
No -- chai masala refers to the spices used to make chai, as in tea (prominently cardamom) while garam masala refers to a pungent spice blend used across Northern Indian in savory cooking. Both masalas will vary by region and by family.
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