what is your point of view?

I am working on essays and I need some ideas of culinary point of views. If you can answer this it would be a great help Thanks.

Cheesecake '12


Greenstuff August 1, 2011
My point of view is first of all grounded in good ingredients and secondly, but truly not less important, traditions. I tend to ground my cooking in one or another European culture, with excursions to colonial America, Asia, or other locations. It can be anywhere, but the point is that I'm aware of the roots. But first off, good ingredients.
SKK August 1, 2011
One of my favorites is My Life in France about Julia Child's cooking experiences. Her nephew wrote it.
nutcakes August 1, 2011
Before The Making of a Pastry Chef, there is The Making of a Chef. That should help you. It's at my library. Author Michael Rhulman
Cheesecake '. August 1, 2011
Thank you so much
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If you are looking for a cook's point of view, there's Anthony Bourdain's classic "Kitchen Confidential", and many, many more. I've always loved the book "Making of a Pastry Chef", as it has recipes, stories, and insights from multiple chefs. If you are looking for varied perspectives, you might find food blogs especially helpful. Saveur magazine awards top food blogs each year. Here's a list of Saveur's top picks for 2011 - http://bit.ly/ilJa3x
pierino August 1, 2011
This is perhaps the strangest question ever asked at Food Pickle. Could you maybe narrow down what you mean by culinary point of view? Specific cuisine? Culinary tutelage? Meat v Vegan????
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