What to do with a bag of dried hot hatch peppers

A friend gave me a bag of beautiful (red) dried hot hatch peppers but I have no idea what to make with them and have never used large dried chiles like this before. Can anyone point me in the right direction of how to use these up or great recipes? Thank you!

  • Posted by: CL
  • September 4, 2019


arielcooks September 22, 2019
Please don't do what I did! I de-stemmed hot, dried chillies from my back yard all at one time (over 500 of them), then whirled them in the FP (S-blade) to make dried chilli flakes. The result is fine. The problem was that we were sneezing and our eyes were running for two days afterwards! For future reference, I will:
1. De-stem each chilli after it dries, then collect them in a jar.
2. When I have a batch, I'll put on gloves and goggles and FP them again.
arielcooks September 22, 2019
Forgot to mention that our backyard chillies are black cobras, about an inch long and a quarter-inch wide -- too small to soften and scrape out the "meat" for sauces.
CL September 5, 2019
Awesome! Thank you everyone!
Stephanie B. September 4, 2019
Lucky you! In addition to Nancy's good suggestion, I absolutely loved the salsa from this recipe: https://food52.com/recipes/76723-chicken-tostadas-with-salsa-macha-and-asparagus-radish-slaw. It's made from dried ancho and guajillo chilies, but I bet hatch would be delicious.
boulangere September 4, 2019
Treasure them! And hope you receive another bag next year.
Nancy September 4, 2019
Make pepper sauces from scratch.
I understand these are relatively mild, so mix in some stronger chiles if you want more heat.
Marissa. See Robt Carrier recipe
Sriracha sauce. See LA Times
Zhoug (various spelling). Yemenite hot sauce. See Claudia Rosen recipes.
Also, dried chiles last for years.
Nancy September 4, 2019
Auto Incorrect at work.
First recipe is named "harissa." Also, author is Claudia Roden.
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