I'm now the proud owner of about 3 pounds of fresh lemongrass that was given to me by a kindly neighbor...any ideas out there of what should I do with this much lemongrass and does anyone know how I can preserve some of it? Thank you , thank you!!



glutton&wife October 18, 2010
Lemongrass stalks make great skewers for grilled shrimp.
If you live in a warm climate at all, lemongrass grows like a weed. I highly recommend planting some in your garden or in a pot.
foodfighter October 18, 2010
Lemongrass tea is great. Also, you can use some of it in some curry pastes which can be frozen in small batches for easy thawing for quick curries. I've seen them sold finely sliced in jars, so that would like be an option as well.
TiggyBee October 16, 2010
oops... I meant Jon!!
TiggyBee October 16, 2010
Excellent idea John..Thanks!!
Jon P. October 16, 2010
Boil some of it in sugar and water, and then strain. Then you have a lemongrass syrup to combine with fruits in desserts or to add to club soda for a lemongrass soda.
TiggyBee October 16, 2010
Thanks so much for helping everyone. I've never seen so much of this!! I may end up gifting some too, I don't have room for it all! : )
innoabrd October 16, 2010
Generally, I think betteirene is correct. Freezing will retain more, better flavour than drying if you'll be cooking with it. However, dried lemongrass is a nice herbal tea/infusion!
Sadassa_Ulna October 15, 2010
I have a jar of dried lemongrass that I purchased somewhere, so I know it's feasible, if that helps?
betteirene October 15, 2010
Yow--that's a lot of sour you got there. Yum.

Lemongrass freezes very well. You can finely chop the tops and thinly slice the bulbs into rings and put 1/4 cup portions into plastic bags, or you can freeze whole blades wrapped in plastic.
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