What can you stuff a pickel with?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


creamtea August 14, 2011
But I also like pierino's suggestion.
creamtea August 14, 2011
Penelope Casas has a recipe for stuffing pickles with tuna seasoned w/salt, pepper and minced onion. Split a baby dill lengthwise almost completely, leaving the two pieces partially attached. Mix equal parts tuna and minced onion, (1 teaspoon of each per), season w/salt & pepper, spread in the opening. Spear an olive with a toothpick, then spear the filled pickle with same for an appetizer.
pierino August 14, 2011
A hot dog.
sayatexplores August 14, 2011
You can make stuffed pickled cabbage leaves with other pickles. Julienne dill pickled cucumbers, pickled carrots, hot peppers etc, and roll it up into the pickled cabbage leaves.
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