potatoes cut early?

i thought to save some dinner prep time by cutting the potatoes this morning. Now I'm wondering- will they oxidize like an apple? If yes, will they be ok to eat or will the flavor change? Thanks!

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Yay! I was so hoping they would be ok! It was such a great plan, that it would have been sad if the potatoes turned ugly. They are still actually edible when brown, just so unappetizing in looks.
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when i returned home last night i was surprised to see the potatoes were still perfect! they were in a glass bowl with cut up califlower and covered with plastic wrap in the fridge. no water at all! the only thing i can figure is that it was something the califlower gave off or because the potatoes were fresh from the garden..
either way- next time i will use the water. thanks all!
boulangere August 16, 2011
P.S. And definitely a good plan-ahead move.
boulangere August 16, 2011
Yes, you do need to cover them with cold water, though it needn't contain an acid. If you don't, they'll oxidize to a purplish-brown color. It won't affect the taste, and how do you know I know that, but the color will be definitely off-putting.
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hi all- thing is- i didn't put them in water, just in plastic in the fridge and won't be home till 8pm or so.
eliza_z August 16, 2011
you can treat them the same way as cut apples - add a little acid (lemon juice, vinegar) to some cold water and soak the potatoes in that.
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I think if you pop them in cold water they should be okay. Otherwise they will turn color on you.
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