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I just cut up some small potatoes and added olive oil without thinking. I'm serving roasted potatoes for dinner (it's 11 am now and dinner is at 6:30) can I keep them in a ziploc with garlic and roast later or should I roast now and reheat later?

asked by Elyssa 4 months ago
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added 4 months ago

Sure, why not? It would be better to reserve the garlic if it's not too late- cut garlic doesn't age at all well.

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added 4 months ago

Thanks but Sure roast now or ziploc and roast later? I'm concerned about the potatoes oxidizing and turning brown......and the I already put the garlic in there too. 😬

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Susan W

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added 4 months ago

The olive oil will stop the potatoes from oxidizing. The garlic will be fine. Toss it all into a Ziploc and squeeze the air out.

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Amanda Hesser

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added 4 months ago

Elyssa, you can do either -- ziplock with oil and garlic now, and roast later (I think this would be my choice). Or roast now and gently reheat, uncovered, in the oven later!