I just cut up some small potatoes and added olive oil without thinking. I'm serving roasted potatoes for dinner (it's 11 am now and dinner is at 6:30) can I keep them in a ziploc with garlic and roast later or should I roast now and reheat later?

  • Posted by: Elyssa
  • October 2, 2016


Amanda H. October 2, 2016
Elyssa, you can do either -- ziplock with oil and garlic now, and roast later (I think this would be my choice). Or roast now and gently reheat, uncovered, in the oven later!
Susan W. October 2, 2016
The olive oil will stop the potatoes from oxidizing. The garlic will be fine. Toss it all into a Ziploc and squeeze the air out.
Elyssa October 2, 2016
Thanks but Sure roast now or ziploc and roast later? I'm concerned about the potatoes oxidizing and turning brown......and the I already put the garlic in there too. 😬
Smaug October 2, 2016
Sure, why not? It would be better to reserve the garlic if it's not too late- cut garlic doesn't age at all well.
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