Ack! Used egg WHITE in cobbler dough instead of yolk...salvageable????

Just prepped a disk of cobbler topping with flour, sugar, butter, ice water and....Ann egg white instead of yolk. dUH...I reached for wrong cup in my early morning fog. It all processed together quickly to correct consistency and am thinking about topping off my lush peaches and nectarines with it and trying to bake it as per this idiotic? Maybe with a few extra dots of butter on top....just because. Disk of dough is now resting in fridge.



creamtea August 22, 2011
Share it w/me!
susan G. August 22, 2011
Thanks for the lesson!
helicopterina August 21, 2011
OK, just pulled it out of the oven and it worked! Phew....
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