Fresh nutmeg & mace being dried

Stumbled upon this spice treasure trove deep in the interiors of South India..A resort town called Courtallam. I believe these & other spices such as cinnamon grow wild in the mountains surrounding the town. The flavor of the fresh mace is absolutely stunning!

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Panfusine August 26, 2011
@sdebrango: You betcha, , I'd have grabbed a huge stash, but I have a substantial amount already with me in NJ..& didnt want to load up too much with the other half around.. (all those why, what for qns to be dealt with!), the nutmeg fruit was quite interesting.. (a rather woody & crisp texture, smells of a combination of fresh lime peel & ginger when you first cut it open. Its quite tart (which explains the spicy nutmeg pickles that were being sold) and the flesh resonates with the aroma of nutmeg. the seed sticks out like an avocado pit in the center. I just diced them & added some salt.. (that way I can bring it over home) Pix later..
boulangere August 26, 2011
Missed you, good to hear from you. Gorgeous photo!
sdebrango August 26, 2011
How beautiful! I imagine you are stuffing as much as you can into your bag to bring back with you.
ChefJune August 26, 2011
I thought mace was the outer coating of the nutmeg. No? It's one of my favorite spices.

Is that photo fresh mace? WOW! Gorgeous.
susan G. August 26, 2011
That's stunning! and glad to see you back.
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