"Knob" of butter

What's a general, loose measurement for a "knob" of butter? A tablespoon? A door-knob sized hunk? Thanks!

  • Posted by: Pegeen
  • August 26, 2011


mensaque August 28, 2011
I agree to the "wallnut reading"...
Pegeen August 27, 2011
Thanks, everyone. OK - good to know it's smaller than a door-knob!
boulangere August 26, 2011
Perfect, Sagegreen!
Sagegreen August 26, 2011
boulangere August 26, 2011
Which brings us back to sagegreen's wal-uh-nuts.
boulangere August 26, 2011
Perfect frame of reference, amysarah, all wine aside.
amysarah August 26, 2011
I had a British house-mate in grad school and we often cooked together. She'd often refer to a 'knob of butter.' I finally asked how big a knob was...she replied: 'size doesn't matter' and proceeded to crack up. (We were well into a bottle of wine at the time.) I had no idea what she was talking about or why it was so damn funny until later, when I learned the other meaning of 'knob' in British slang. True story.
thirschfeld August 26, 2011
A knob of butter is proportional to the size of the pan. For a 12 inch saute pan a knob is a hefty 1 + tablespoon, for a 14 inch pan it is 2 + tablespoons. Then if you are Australia just remember the pan swirls in the opposite direction.
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 26, 2011
An English friend told me you scrape the bar of butter lengthwise for a "knob",
boulangere August 26, 2011
I consider it to be a good tablespoon. About what you could cut or carve off generously with a teaspoon - literally one with which you would stir tea. Don't be stingy.
Woodside August 26, 2011
FWIW, I consider it to be about 2 tablespoons.
Sagegreen August 26, 2011
I think of it as the size of a walnut, maybe 1 ounce...but that just my reading!
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