A question about a recipe: Just Good Chili

I have a question about the ingredient "sirloin, cubed" on the recipe "Just Good Chili" from Jestei.

Have you ever made this recipe vegetarian? I had the most amazing vegan chili the other week that was cooked with beer. I'm not a vegan but truly enjoyed it.

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Just Good Chili
Recipe question for: Just Good Chili


rachaelmr September 7, 2011
When i want to have a meatless chili (which is most of the time, actually), i use a winter squash - peeled and cubed, sometimes browned in a little olive oil & cumin seed first and then slow cooked with the rest. i would think with this beer/ cocoa/ brown sugar recipe - that would be divine. In fact, i think i'll make it tonite.
wssmom August 30, 2011
You might try, as drbabs suggests, making it with different types of beans (black beans, canellini, etc.) to replace the cubed sirloin; you could also add some fresh corn.If you were intesredt in replacing the ground meat you could used some textured vegetable protein (TVP) or even some veggie burgers, crumbled.
drbabs August 30, 2011
I've made it with beef, but I think you could do all beans and it would still be delicious.
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