Are yellow lentils the same as golden lentils

a Whole Foods Market Customer


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They are basically the same, yes. and Pierno is correct, the cooking time is the same. They will get a little mushy when they cook so they are great in dal or to thicken a soup. Enjoy your yellow-gold lentils!
boulangere August 31, 2011
Amen to pierino. Lentils are lentils when it comes to cook times.
pierino August 31, 2011
Does it matter? Cooking time will be about the same. Go with what you'e got.
Ivan D. November 4, 2022
The difference matters depending what are you doing with the lentils. Some legumes can be eaten raw like the yellow lentils that come from split mung beans. You can soak them and use them in salads like Kosambari. Not all lentils can be eaten raw.
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