I bought some yellow lentils a while back when I meant to buy yellow split peas. The peas will become soup later this week, but I'm not sure what to do with the yellow lentils. I've checked out many of the dal recipes on this site and most if not all use red lentils (which I already know and love). Can I use the yellow lentils interchangeably with the red?



innoabrd January 13, 2011
I do this on a regular basis. Meant for moong dhal, but works OK with others too.
pauljoseph January 12, 2011
Lentil Dhal cartoon
pauljoseph January 11, 2011
In FUTURE I will be Very active in foodpickle and new Recipes column but will not post any recipe to CONTESTS
healthierkitchen January 11, 2011
Thanks for alerting me to PaulJoseph's recipe. I'll give that a try!
pauljoseph January 11, 2011
Yes try that recipe I promise it's the best ,We never mix meat , fish with dhal that dominate or kills the great dhal flavor
hardlikearmour January 11, 2011
If the lentils are split and skinned you should be able to substitute them for red lentils in recipes. You could also use them in place of split peas in soup (again split and skinned.)
susan G. January 10, 2011
You may have toor dal, which is yellow. If you do (and even if you don't), try this wonderful dal recipe from Pauljoseph;
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