Recipes with star anise

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susan G. September 21, 2011
Chinese cooking has recipes for meat using star anise. In the Time-Life Foods of the World series, volume on China, I find Red-cooked Pork Shoulder and Braised Star Anise Beef (with boneless beef shin). And I'm sure that's only the beginning.
linzarella September 21, 2011
David Tanis has a great poached chicken recipe with star anise. See here:
thespicegirl September 20, 2011
I just made granola and added Star Anise. It tastes great and gave it the kick I was looking for. Star Anise is a great spice which I love using. I use it for Indian spice blends, asian stocks and everything in between. I even do a citrus salad dressing where I use Star Anise as the star flavor no pun intended! Traditional Duck Confit changed up using Star Anise is great too. Add it to asian marinades. A little goes a long way. I usually buy whole and then grind it myself on an as needed basis.
Summer O. September 19, 2011
WOW! Excuse all the spelling errors. That would 'complicated' 'shameless' and 'quicker'. Moving way too fast today, so I guess I'll get back to work now.
Summer O. September 19, 2011
I LOVE star anise. We use it in two really awesome chicken recipes. This tea smoked one sounds more colpicated than it is, so worth it.
Also, excuse that I am referencing my own blog, it's not a shamelss plug but and adaptation from epicurious it's a lot quicked than the tea smoked chicken and really addictive The original
Sam1148 September 17, 2011
Make an Asian soup base. Chicken stock, celery, carrots, star anise, ginger, onion.
Simmer and remove the veggies and spices. Hold off on the soy and white pepper until you decide which way to take it.

That base can be taken in many directions:
A hot and sour soup
A egg drop soup
Wonton Soup.
Or a Udon noddle bowl.
Or as a base for pho soup. (which normally uses beef stock instead chicken).
wssmom September 17, 2011
Here are a few wildly different ones:

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