Help! I cannot find how to page through the recipes I have saved to the site. Anyone else have this issue?

Add any details, clarifications, or relevant information here.



AllisonGG October 13, 2011
Hi Peter, I have this same issue. I see the correct # of recipes saved, but when I scroll down to the bottom of the first 10, there isn't a next button.

I am using IE 7, Windows.

Peter October 12, 2011
Naomi, I assure you, we still have record of all the recipes you've saved -- we may just be having a problem displaying them for you.

First, when you click "My Recipes" at the top of the page, and you see a tab appear that says "## Recipes I've Saved", what is that ##?

Second, when you click that tab and it lists 10 recipes or so, when you scroll to the bottom of the list, do you not see some page number and "next" and "previous" links? What happens if you click "next'?

Lastly, if you do NOT see those links, may I ask what web browser you're using? And whether it's Mac or Windows?

Finally, thanks so much for your patience. I know this must be frustrating. :-/
naomisachs October 12, 2011
Nope, no matter how long I wait only 10 recipes are ever displayed. So sad if they are gone...
francesca G. October 12, 2011
Your saved recipes should appear at the bottom of your profile page in a single scroll -- give it a moment to load! Let us know if you still don't see them too, please. Thanks!
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