ICan I cooke with green cherry tomoatoes? I have had a huge crop of sungold cherry tomoatoes and now its about to snow here and I have lots of little green tomoatoes still on the vine. I want to pick and use them but don't know if you can cook with green cherry tomatoes and if so, what's good to try? Thanks for the advice!

  • Posted by: JoanG
  • October 28, 2010


JoanG October 29, 2010
KitchenKim, I threw a few of the chopped green tomatoes in a squash/balck bean chili last night, and will try sauteeing them and also making the simple compote suggested as well as a cornmeal breaded version. I am excited to try these ideas. There is a wonderful Indian Summer casserole by Mollie Katzen that puts chopped green tomatoes in a corn and cheese casserole. Now that I know they are ok to cook with, its time to experiment!
micki B. October 29, 2010
Sure, you've heard of "Fried Green Tomatoes" ...so who cares what size...Corn meal batter dipped is awesome...and you can also think of using them like a
Tomatillo ( often used in Mexican cooking)...try a Vera Cruz Snapper and Tomatillo recipe...or Chicken with a verde ( tomatillo ) sauce !
KitchenKim October 28, 2010
Hi JoanG - I am also in the same situation and a first time tomatoe grower. And like you, I have dozens of green grape tomatoes that havn't ripened. Can you please let us know which recipe you decided to use? I would love some feedback before I pick all of them off the vine to cook. Thanks!
JoanG October 28, 2010
Thanks for the ideas of what to do with tmy green cherry tomatoes. I just went out and harvested about200 of the cute little green things before we get snow or frost tonight. This was my first experience growing tomatoes and it was so rewarding. I hated to lose all these little unripe ones.
Mr_Vittles October 28, 2010
Try making a simple compote with them! Onions, yellow raisins, a little vinegar (balsamic, cider, rice), a little white wine, pinch of salt, and some sugar/ honey to balance out the tartness of the green tomatoes. Cook it down until syrupy and jar it up!
RavensFeast October 28, 2010
Thanks @TiggyBee, it's not my intention so I'm sorry to see that DonnyG is upset.
TiggyBee October 28, 2010
What's the deal Donny with foodshed? I don't see any promotion going on. Am I missing something?
anyone October 28, 2010
Foodshed Foodshed go away, We don't like business's here anyway, come back as a person some other day, this is a food forum not a way, to promote your business here today.
JoanG October 28, 2010
That sounds great! Thanks so much FoodShed!
RavensFeast October 28, 2010
Yes! I just sauteed some in a pat of butter and threw in some spices (fennel pollen + s&p), then spooned them over a tuna melt. Considering their acidity, I'd simply suggest pairing them with something that is more alkaline, or at least taming them with some fat, maybe warm spices, meat... You could try them tossed (as is) in a pan with olive oil, slivered garlic, maybe some thin-sliced fennel, perhaps a dash of pepper flakes, then use that as a sauce over fish, etc. Or you could just celebrate their acidity and use them in a quick pickle!
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