purple pies

what do they signify?

  • Posted by: mcd2
  • October 16, 2011


Greenstuff October 17, 2011
Someone on another question noted that they didn't like the pies, as they might not seem welcoming. But my personal experience is that the FOOD52 staff is pretty liberal with what's considered participation. For example, I don't store recipes here (rarely make the same thing twice) and have never entered a contest, but they've fill my pie in pretty well. Thanks, guys.
Amanda H. October 17, 2011
If you roll your cursor over the pie, a box should pop up explaining how the pies work. Please let us know if you're not seeing the rollover pop-up.
SKK October 17, 2011
A participation system - the bigger the pie the more participation and they keep increasing.
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