When do I add the butter? It's listed in the ingredients but not mentioned in the instructions. (not that I expect it matters as the yumminess of...

...this recipe cancels out any minor procedural errors.

  • Posted by: Peter
  • October 21, 2011


flgal October 24, 2011
Step 2
Droplet October 22, 2011
Mybe you just missed the word. I read it as being added to the warmed up milk and chipotle. If you prefer to mash the potatoes by hand, you can easily add it to the potatoes once you scoop them out of their flesh and it will melt right away. Once you add the cream it will get distributed evenly, as both mixtures are warm.
Peter October 22, 2011
Doh! Indeed, when I went back to the page the word butter is there. i swear I looked the page up and down 5 times. Regardless, I just added the butter to the mixture at the end and it was all delicious. Oh, and we kept the skins in there. Chopped them up rough with a knife and then let the immersion blender do most the work after that. Barely noticed them when eating yet added lots of healthy vitamins and fiber I'm sure. :-) This recipe is a DEFINITE keeper.
Droplet October 22, 2011
If you've spent the last couple of weeks looking for and fixing missing things around the site, you may very well have missed it. Keeping the skins made me think of another good way to serve this by mashing the potatoes with the cream and the other ingredients and scooping it all back in the skin halves. Then you can add the butter as a cube on top of each and let it melt.
susan G. October 22, 2011
Peter, looks like you have not forgotten to eat. Just keep up your strength! This does sound wonderful...
drbabs October 21, 2011
It does sound yummy. I think you could mix the butter into the potatoes once you scoop them out of their shells.
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