I need a message board for my kitchen. But don't want it to look like a college dorm room.

What are my options? I want something with the ease of a dry erase board, but more attractive and grown-up. I prefer D.I.Y. ideas over expensive store-bought stuff. Thanks for any suggestions you can offer! I have a big dry erase board that I use when prepping for a large menu. This will just be something small my hubby and I can scrawl notes on re: food shopping, dinner plans, kitchen chores, etc!



stephaniekays November 2, 2011
I have a bamboo dry erase board from three by three. It's beautiful even though I bought it from their scratch and dent section (no idea why it was there because it looks great to me!) Not DIY obviously but it worked a lot better than my DIY attempts (which I spent $$$ on).
sexyLAMBCHOPx November 2, 2011
You could go to staples and buy the ideal type of dry erase or chalkboard (make sure you have the message board size) and find a picture frame from a garage sale or inexpensive store.; maybe paint the frame something that matches your personality and kitchen decor. Or glue corks from wine bottles around it.
Sam1148 November 2, 2011
A paper pad. Tried and true..and practical.
You want a list for shopping..tear off the sheet and go shopping.
You want a message post the message---tear it off and fix it with magnet.
White boards and such to me are temporary message to others in the home...kinda passive aggressive saying "I"M PUTTING THIS MESSAGE ON THE DRY ERASE THING TO REMIND YOU OF SOMETHING I THINK YOU NEED TO NEED TO KNOW..LIKE TAKE OUT OUT THE TRASH, OH AND PICK UP SOME MILK THKS!!".

A simple note pad..for lists for family requests for foods and shopping is the way to go IMHO.
Kristy M. November 1, 2011
Some of the options here are super afordable and look good (and some definitely look like they belong in a college dorm room, sorry!)

SKK November 1, 2011
The erasable white board is the best. What makes it look like a college dorm room may be the people leaving the messages rather than the medium.

Chalkboards are good.
Anitalectric November 1, 2011
I think an ipad is out of my budget. I was thinking more along the lines of aluminum sheeting and an old picture frame LOL. I'm not sure if we can make the commitment to chalkboard paint since we're renting. Any other ideas?
Sam1148 November 1, 2011
Not a message board. But the magnetic cover on the iPad is pretty strong. It sticks to the fridge with the ipad hanging down. Not, something I'd use long term on the door with it opening and closing. But it actually works.(try at your own risk tho).
I put it on the side of my 'fridge tho to refer too when cooking web recipes. There should be a commercial product for this--there is one for the UK but I can't find a US source.
Kristy M. November 1, 2011
We use a magnetic chalk board in our kitchen. There's also chalk board paint, so you can decide exactly how big or small you want your message board.
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